Innovative Software Developers Smuggly Systems Intergalactic Announce Release of “BitJammer” Mobile App

Exploring Bitcoin investing or taking out a Bitcoin loan on the peer to peer lending network BTCJam has just become much easier on the go. Software and mobile app developers Smuggly Systems Intergalactic recently announced the release of BitJammer, an app that connects users to the BTCJam network making investing or taking out a Bitcoin loan from a mobile device simple and easy.

November 3, 2014

The idea of Bitcoin loans operating away from traditional lending institutions is a very appealing one to a great many people. Fuelling this drive has been the first global Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending network BTCJam, a project that’s fuelled by the latest technology, the spirit of micro-credit and a belief in the freedom to make choices. In recent exciting news surrounding BTCJam, the independent software developers Smuggly Systems Intergalactic has recently announced the release of BitJammer, a mobile app available at the iTunes app store, that allows users to connect to the BTCJam api from mobile devices. The response has been wildly enthusiastic.

“We believe in Bitcoin’s value and we think that BitJammer really makes a service like BTCJam much more useful,” commented a spokesperson from Smuggly System Intergalactic. “So stop wasting time and follow our slogan ‘You must buy our products immediately’! BitJammer won’t disappoint you at all, we promise.”

According to the company, the app requires iOS 7.1 or later to run. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The app is optimized for iPhone 5. An active account with BTCJam is required to connect to the peer-to-peer lending site.

BTCJam has been credited with jumping many of the hurdles of fair and honest international lending. The company has developed a unique online peer-to-peer reputation system, used in place of traditional credit scores in an effort to be more fair and transparent. The fast and cheap transactions, plus the low interest rates have made BTCJam an increasingly popular avenue for both lenders and borrowers.

Early users of BitJammer have responded with enthusiasm to the mobile app.

Trici_33, recently gave the app 5 out of 5 stars, remarking, “Invest from my phone FTW! Thanks for making this awesome app Smugglys. Investing in BTC from the mobile phone is the future of money. Look forward to sweet updates.”

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vintage LCD Game collection

Not long ago, Smuggly Systems Intergalactic scientists created the vintage LCD Game framework, enabling the en-masse production of cheap LCD Games. At the current production rate of one game every two weeks, we will have created approximately 350 games by the year 2020. You could buy all of them for the low low cost of $346.50. For a list of currently available games, see the new Smuggly Systems Intergalactic apps page.

Exciting new website released

Regular readers of the rapidly paced Smuggly Systems Intergalactic blog may have detected a change in presentation recently. The reason? a new website has been released! The Smuggly Systems Intergalactic Interwebs division has been hard at work for the past 7 years, developing an awe inspiring and professional interwebs portal. Unfortunately due to recent budget cuts that development was scrapped and replaced with the version you see now, which was whipped up over the course of one weekend. Head Office has decreed that the new website be placed at the top of all search results immediately.

McGuire® 1.0 now available for immediate purchasing and downloading from the App Store

After months of development, testing, and almost imperceptible colour gamut tweaks, Smuggly Systems Intergalactic’s latest and greatest iOS game has been released to the app store. McGuire is an expansion and trading strategy game where the aim of the game is to win. Pit your corporation trading skills against those of three cavalierly programmed AI computer players. Acquire, sell, and trade corporations on a convenient 9×12 grid. Game features include:
  • three AI computer players
  • game center leaderboard
  • inappropriate sound effects
Now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Cricket Calculator 1.0.1 update released

An update to the highly successful Cricket Calculator iPhone application is now on the app store. A new green colour scheme featuring a grass background will convince you that you are actually at a cricket ground as you are performing all-important rain affected target calculations. If you are already at a cricket ground the new background will have no effect.

Cricket Calculator 1.0 now on sale

Smuggly Systems Intergalactic is proud to announce that Cricket Calculator is now available for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Have you ever been playing in a rain affected cricket match, but were unable to calculate revised targets due to lack of access to the Duckworth-Lewis data tables? this all-too-common dilemma will be no more after you install the Cricket Calculator application on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Change to trademark

MEMO: Head office advises that effective immediately, the Smuggly Systems Intergalactic Inc. slogan: “You should buy our products soon” – is discontinued. The marketing department has developed a more compelling brand and the new slogan: “You must buy our products immediately” is now fully operational. All business cards, stationery, t-shirts, coffee mugs and other parephenalia bearing the old slogan are to be shredded and then incinerated.